• Uniswáp Exchangé | Why is my Transaction Failing on the Uniswáp?

    Uniswáp Exchangé has been recently coming into the spotlight because of the unique feature it comes with. Users of Uniswap can send their holdings to the liquidity pool for which they would earn some interest adding to their benefit. In addition to this, they are also provided with the opportunity to swap their tokens with the supported cryptos pairs. However, while doing so, their transactions may get failed and they may start to face problems with the same.

    Therefore, to help such users, we are going to list some important details that would ultimately help them get past this problem so that they can go ahead with initiating the transactions once again.

    Reasons behind the issue

    The major reasons why you might be facing issues with the Uniswap exchange is because of the following:

    • There is a problem with the server of the Uniswáp Exchangé
    • Or, there is a problem with the internet connection on your system
    • Additionally, if your Uniswap account does not have enough tolerance fee, then also you’d face this problem
    • Huge price fluctuations may also lead to this error

    Troubleshooting transaction-related issues on Uniswap

    Follow the tips given below and you will definitely be able to fix the transaction-related on Uniswap:

    • To fix this problem, you need to work towards increasing your slippage tolerance
    • Apart from this, you can also try to increase the gas price
    • In case that too does not work, you can try to swap the tokens after waiting for a few more hours
    • Additionally, you are also suggested to check if you are using the most updated version of the Uniswap exchange or not
    • Otherwise, try checking your internet connection and fixing any issues with the same


    If you are constantly seeing the failing transaction issue on the Uniswap exchange, then you are suggested to increase the slippage tolerance fee gradually. For example, if it is 2%, increase it to 4% and so on. This would definitely help you in fixing transaction-related issues on Uniswap. On the other hand, you can also try troubleshooting problems with your device or the Uniswáp Exchangé itself.